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How to add Google Maps with Street View Panorama on Your Website

You can embed Google Maps on your website, but it’s not new anymore.  What’s fresh is the new 360⁰ Street View panorama available in  The app enables you to add basic road maps, satellite maps and Street View panorama’s in 360-degree angle.


You may be asking yourself why you would need another code generator to embed this feature.  Unfortunately, this feature has been erased in the Classic version of Google Maps; hence, there’s no other option but to use ctrlq generator. No worries, you don’t have to perform a complex task for you to be able to put Google Maps with Street View Panorama on your site.  With very few steps, you can have your desired result.


Google Map
Google Map




  1. Click on this link to be directed to  Alternatively, you can just enter org/maps/embed/ on the address bar of your browser.
  1. A How-to guide at the left side of the screen will tell you what to do. Read it and make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.
  1. Search for a place you want and do the ‘pan and zoom’ steps to ensure that the Google Maps area you like to embed is visible in the current window.
  1. You may need to close first the How-to guide before you see the permalink code. Copy the permalink code and paste it into your site’s template.  You will notice that it updates automatically as you move around or drag the map. Noticeably, the map viewed is also uncluttered.
  1. Now if you want to have that 360⁰ Street View, head back to ctrlq code generator and hit the Satellite view button located at the right hand corner.
  1. Drag the pegman to your desired landmark or street and look for the angle you wish to view on your site.
  1. Get the code and paste on your site’s template. You can replace the map code should you wish to do just that.  Finished!