Google New Android feature that locks your device when it’s not on you


It seems that the search engine giant is cooking up something this time and it is something unquestionably special for Android devices.  We’ve heard loads of information regarding security protection of handsets this month. Just last two weeks we talked about Fujitsu’s iris scanner and of courseSamsung has their fingerprint security protection, right?  But this time, it’s different because Google takes the innovation of security into its own hands via Android OS.


Google new Android feature that locks your device
Google new Android feature that locks your device


So we can forget about pattern, pincode and password security lock soon.  In the near future, we’re going to say hello to On-body detection feature, an accelerometer that can easily check whether the device is held by the user or is somewhere out of their reach.  Once the Android device is left by the owner, it instantly locks itself.  Currently, there’s an early version for this supposedly hot feature.  But this “test” version can only detect if the device is being held by its owner (or anybody else in that matter). It detects movement and simply understands if the device is being held or not. So it’s not really considered as something “protective,” right?


Google Lollipop handsets (particularly Nexus) are the first to benefit this said feature by simply updating their Google Play Services into version 7.0.97.  Unfortunately, there are still small amount of very lucky individuals who can benefit the test from this hot feature. So if your device runs using Android 5.0, feel free to explore immediately.  Who know if you are among the lucky ones?




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