Google Nexus 5X

Google Nexus 5X : Low-end Price Scale of Nexus Device, Great Specs Nevertheless

LG is one of the elite brands that bear the honor of crafting handsets under Google Nexus moniker. This year, it had the opportunity to produce two Nexus devices as successors to their previous pride, the Nexus 5.  This time though, LG takes up the challenge to bring us a budget-friendly (at least compared to its Nexus kin) $380 handset in the body of Google Nexus 5X.  Fair warning, folks, not everything under the affordability segment can be equated into something lousy and this is what Nexus 5X will prove you.

Google Nexus 5X
Google Nexus 5X



Bringing out of the Package

Nexus package as we all know has the charm of a true minimalist.  The ‘X’ mark obviously tells us that what’s inside is none other than the Nexus 5x.  Opening the box, we can spot the quick start guide, neatly organized accessories among is the latest USB Type C cable wire with Type C to Type C ends.


Now, the handset itself exhibits a plastic body that may raise some eyebrows but even the metallic 6P experienced that kind of reaction from some people, too.  People who want a soft back support may find the premium plastic design comforting in their hands.


Nexus 5x is also equipped with a reliable and fast finger print sensor that can unlock it in lightning flash.  The ergonomics of sensor is pretty impressive, too, as it is located right were your index finger sits when you’re handling the device.  A light touch can awaken your phone, a press will open it and it perfectly works with Android Pay.



Some Ugly Truths

While this guy is awesome, it’s way too far from its kin, the Nexus 6P.  It has to improve the focus of its 12.3MP primary snapper and the 2700 mAh juicer does not last within a day. (Good thing that the USB Type C charger provides a speedy charging process.)




  • Body : 147 x 72.6 x 7.9 mm, 136g, plastic main body
  • Display : 5.2” IPS LCD, 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution, 423ppi
  • OS : Android Marshmallow 6.0
  • Chipset/ CPU : 64-bit Snapdragon 808, 1.8GHz Hexacore
  • GPU : Adreno 418
  • RAM : 2GB
  • Storage : 16GB/ 32GB
  • Camera : 12.3 MP primary with Dual LED  flash, 5MP
  • Battery : 2700 mAh
  • Price : $380 (16GB); $430 (32GB)