Google Pixel Tablet C

Google Pixel Tablet C : 10.2-inch Android Slate to Directly Compete against Microsoft’s Surface

Yes, folks, the rumored Android Marshmallow tablet dubbed as Pixel Tablet C is very much true.  This was confirmed by none other than Google during their San Francisco event yesterday, September 29.  Google CEO, Sundar Pichai himself confirmed that the tablet is already under works.  He promised that the slate will be a revolutionary piece of device that will show the world great possibilities in another level.  We can still remember that this motto was also the introductory line to the likes of Chromebooks and Chromebook Pixel which were proven to materialize Google’s visions.


Google Pixel Tablet C
Google Pixel Tablet C



Indulging the rumors, Pixel Tablet C was said to have a 10.2-inch display screen with 308ppi density and 500 nits of maximum brightness.  Unlike the previous flagship slates, Pixel C won’t be run by Chrome OS but of the latest Android Marshmallow.  Of course, Google’s wild card will bear premium specs and materials.  According to the sources, it will have a $150 smart Bluetooth keyboard with intriguing selection of aluminum or leather which makes it solid, light and deluxe.


Furthermore, it is reported to house Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset with 4-core processor, Maxwell graphic processor, 3GB RAM and the newest USB Type C for fast charging and connectivity. Pricing may vary according to the flavors: $499 for the 32GB variant and $599 for the 64GB variant.  There’s no word yet if it is going to be available in 128GB flavor just like the recently announced Nexus 6P.  Google intentionally did not mention the release date yet, but stay tune for more updates.