Google about make image and audio recognition truly awesome

Google plans to Integrate Visual Intelligence in Next-Generation Devices

For the past few years, Google has evolved as the most famous and awesome company that we know today. When it comes to internet-related matters, Google has now influence over everything from search engines and even up to operating systems. In addition to that, it’s also very obvious that Google even has influence in our present lives due to personal information and activities that are accessible to everyone on the information superhighway.

Google about make image and audio recognition truly awesome
Google about make image and audio recognition truly awesome


However, if you think that Google had already used up its set of tricks, you’re definitely wrong. Aside from improving and perfecting their present technologies, they are now formulating new ones not only to make life easier for people but also for machines as well. This is now evident in their partnership with Movidius, the world leader when it comes to low-power machine vision technology for connected devices.


About a few days ago, Google has signed a partnership agreement with Movidius in order to bring visual intelligence to new devices in a natural way. This agreement enables the company to deploy its advance neural computation engine technology in Movidius’ ultra-low-power platform devices, therefore ensuring that their future products will have the power to understand and recognize audio and images at incredible speed and accuracy. So to say, if this technology is perfected, the technology in Google’s future devices will enhance the way people will interact with the world.


As a starting sign of this agreement, Google will now utilize Movidius MA2450, the company’s latest flagship chip. As per record, this device is the only commercial solution on the market concerning performance and power-efficiency when it comes to performing complex neural network computations in ultra-compact device platforms.