Google's Inbox

Google’s Inbox offer to take back sent email

Ever experienced the need to pull back your e-mail due to some reasons? Mail platforms do not offer the chance of retraction until the newest perk of Google and BBM happened.  This newest feature initially presented by BBM on November and is currently presented by Google Inbox allows users to cancel your just-sent mail before its receiver reads it. For Gmail users, this feature update conveniently gives you a generous option and capability.


Google's Inbox
Google’s Inbox


However, Google clarifies that this perk is not yet available and is still under draft and drill. The Google Inbox team plans to put this hot perk for email and messaging.  In a Reddit interview, the three members who are included in Google’s latest project emphasized that the option is given to mail users if ever they change their minds into sending their mails.  The sender is permitted to retract his (or her) email within 10 seconds after sending it. Although everything is still tentative as the project is yet set to materialize.  In such case, whatever options there may be for email, it will be the same for the messenger as well.


Additional perks are also under the “upcoming” Inbox set.  The list incorporates the aid on usage of cross-browser and merging with Google Drive. Presently, downloads are only in the basis of “invitations only.” Meaning, downloads are merely for test-drives. Upon release, the application will cater to Android and iOS users. Further, the application version for tablets is already on cue.  So Android and iOS user, watch out!