Google’s Second-Generation Chromecast

Google’s Second-Generation Chromecast Now Launched in India for Rs. 3,999

Just recently, Google has just released its second-generation Chromecast in India. The Chromecast Dongle and the Chromecast Audio Dongle are both available in India for the price of Rs. 3,999. Both media-streaming dongles are known to become available in online stores such as Paytm, Snapdeal and Flipkart, along with retailers like Reliance and Croma. In addition to that news, it is also announced that Google also offers a free six-month Saavn Pro and Hooq subscriptions to those who will buy the dongles.

Google’s Second-Generation Chromecast
Google’s Second-Generation Chromecast


To those who aren’t familiar with these things, the Google Chromecast is specially designed for streaming videos directly to your Smart TV. However, unlike the first Chromecast, the second-generation Chromecast dongle looks entirely different from the first one. Right now, the new Chromecast dongle has its HDMI cable looped inside its unit case, which features a Chromecast-logo shape. The new Chrome cast also has an improved connectivity due to its dual-band 5GHz 802.11c Wi-Fi, along with three installed onboard antennas. This ensures its users that they could watch streaming videos without having loads of connectivity and stuttering problems. In addition to that, be informed that the new Chromecast comes with a Fast Play feature, which enables the Chromecast to start video and audio streaming more quickly.


On the other hand, the Chromecast audio lets its users stream audio content, especially music to their speakers even without wireless connectivity. This is possible due to the fact that the audio dongle can connect directly to the laptop or smartphone by means of its built-in audio jack. This device supports high-quality audio playback and a 2-watt RMS, along with an optional digital out. In addition to that, the Chromecast Audio dongle includes a guess access feature, which enables others to freely stream audio content even if they are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network along with the Chromecast Audio user.


Apart from working with PCs, which is a default Chromecast feature, both second-generation Chromecasts are known to work in both Android and iOS environments. Needless to say, both Chromecasts are designed for more performance in a hassle-free way. And to top it all, the second-generation Chromecast will become available in three color versions: Red, Yellow and Black.


Just as announced beforehand, the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio Dongles will be both available in Indian stores at the price of Rs. 3,999, along with awesome features and perks. However, Google haven’t yet announced the availability of both Chromecast dongles in the stores and outlets that are mentioned here.