GoTenna – Your Own Portable Cell Network

If you’re used to traveling most of the time, it’s an initiative that your family and loved ones must be able to contact you wherever you go, especially in emergency cases. However, there’s the sad truth that purchasing SIM Cards and availing various phone plans are not just expensive; they are also not that reliable. Due to signal problems most of the time, you will just end up paying phone bills for nothing. This is how goTenna enters the scene.



Being a powerful and portable antenna itself, goTenna comes in pairs where you can always carry one with you wherever you go. When activated, it creates a cell network with other goTenna devices that are within range, therefore letting you send and receive messages with ease. Once you activate the device by connecting to it via Bluetooth, you can send and receive messages from other goTenna users by using their Android and iOS compatible app.


Sending text messages to others is only one of goTenna’s features. By using this device, you can also map and share your location to other users, which can also be downloaded and viewed even when you’re offline. If not yet told, this feature can come in handy especially during emergency situations.


The only downside with goTenna so far, is its signal range and battery life. When you’re in a city, you can communicate with ease for at least one-mile range due to lots of possible interferences. However, you can use this to communicate with others within four-mile range if you’re in a suburb or even a remote place. On the other hand, the battery life could last up to a whole day, though you need to charge it when the night time comes.


Just as we mentioned earlier, the goTenna comes in pairs for the price of $199 and even a family pack, which contains four antennas for $389.