Griffin LightRunner Armband

Griffin LightRunner Armband : Practical Arm Pocket for Your Device

Are you out for a walk, jog or run? Working out also means that you need your hands freed from gadgets but still near you just in case.  Out of this very need, Griffin designed theLightRunner Armband, a perfect aid for you and your gadget.


Griffin LightRunner Armband
Griffin LightRunner Armband



LightRunner follows the general concept of Armbands—a tandem of pouch and strap to accommodate and secure your 5-inch device.  For Griffin’s armband, we also get a sportier look a big thanks to its overall design concept. Note the lines, patterns and the high contrast of colorsthat gives a stylish and sporty look.


The armband was made out of gTex cloth and rubber hybrid for comfortable feel and sweat-proof construction.  There is one big “but” for our material construction here.  Try to avoid the drizzle or rain even if your gadget is certified to be waterproof.  LightRunner can withstand heavy sweating but not downpour.


Specifically, the LighRunner Armband is created to house the following devices, but can accommodate 5-inch handsets all the same:


  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5/5s
  • iPhone 4/4S
  • Motorola DROID Mini
  • HTC One (2013)
  • 1st & 2nd generation Moto X phones




You can’t find any problem in interacting with your smartphone’s screen despite having it inside the pocket.  However, you may find swiping a little bit problematic, a little bit of patience is your cue here.  As for handsets sporting the fingerprint sensor, there’s no need for you to worry.


There’s no interference when you swing or move your arms during light cardio exercises or jogging activities.



Price and Release

Griffin LightRunner Armband can be purchased through online stores like Amazon at the price of $39.99.  Take note that this is not just an ordinary armband compared to the $8 common bands you may see.  Griffin’s comes with LEDs that aid you at night if you feel like having a late exercise.