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Guide in Buying Camera phones

Thanks to today’s technology, we are experiencing graphic revolution even with portable, handy innovations such as digital cameras and cell phones! And since almost every gadget bears camera with them, the issue now stands on the quality of processed pictures.  Let’s take a look at several aspects or elements we should probe when buying a cameraphone to capture every picture-worthy moment.

LG Viewty
LG Viewty


  • Megapixels: this determines the dimension and size of the photo. The larger the amount of the pixel, the bigger the photo that may be printed out.  However, this does not conclude the picture quality like how many others believe.


  • Sensor or Lens: this cameraphone factor is the true basis of what the picture quality the cameraphone can provide. It transforms the light that comes from the lens into the very data.  The bigger the sensor (or lens) is, the better the quality result it provides.


  • Flash: LED, Xenon and Photo flash are the most commonly known flash being used in the cameraphones nowadays. The flash helps illuminate the object being captured, hence the lighting. Of the three, LED exhibits the best flash quality, and is preferred by most snap enthusiasts.


  • Speed: this is your partner in recording the very moments you want to capture in various shots.


  • Autofocus: helps in capturing restless subjects. It also comes handy with latest features such as smile-detection mode.


  • Options: includes ISO, shooting modes (like panorama, photo series and macro snaps), and color balance. The basics include night and day mode, sepia, negative and black and white color effects.
LED (Samsung SGH-G600)
LED (Samsung SGH-G600)