Why are Headphones sound Different to Different People

Why are Headphones sound Different to Different People?

Because of the rise of gadgets in this decade, technology itself is experienced by almost all people regardless of gender and race. As a good addition, gadgets are known to offer features that are enjoyed by us, one of which is music. However, open sounds can be potentially annoying to other people, especially when you’re outside your house. This is the reason why most people use headphones whenever they’re outdoors. Aside from this reason, headphones also make sure that you can hear the sound clearly, whether you’re listening to music or playing games.

Why are Headphones sound Different to Different People?

Nowadays, we all know that there are a lot of consumer audio products to choose from, starting from the most famous brands down to the less known ones. And even though a certain company claims that they have perfected their headphone’s design aside from giving it cool features such as noise cancelling, bass sound or volume adjustment capabilities, there’s no guarantee that all people will appreciate it.


Listed below are some of the unknown scientific facts that everyone should know in order to understand why headphones sound different to different people:

  1. Not all people have the same kind of ears. Whether we accept it or not, there is no such thing as a ‘universal’ headphone, that is, a headphone that will be appreciated by all ears. This is because of the fact that people’s ears are different from each other, aside from the fact that not all have ear canals of the same size. Because of this, a certain sound will be perceived as good by one person and will be perceived bad by the other.


  1. The Headphone’s fit affects the overall sound. The headphone’s sound is also affected by its ability to cover its user’s ears. Since sounds can be heard more clearly in enclosed and silent spaces, the headphone’s fit to its user’s ears will also bear the same effect. Needless to say, if the headphones doesn’t fit, the sound produced will be affected as well.


  1. A person’s hearing ability changes as well. When you’re young, you will be contented at using your headphones and turning up its volume to the middle setting. However, as you you’re your hearing ability is also affected. This is also a factor that should be considered when it comes to buying headphones.


  1. People tend to have different tastes. We all know that people buy things in accordance to their personal taste and headphones aren’t an exemption to that rule. Needless to say, customers mainly appreciate the headphone’s design that a certain company makes if its design suits their personal taste and not because of the cool features that it can offer them.