Hesvitband S3

Hesvitband S3: Your Dedicated Health Tracker

Hesvit, a new player in the device market, has come into town. Just like the other new players, it had showed the curious customers their own tricks, that is, in the form of Hesvitband S3.

Hesvitband S3
Hesvitband S3


Featuring an LCD Monochrome Display, this one measures about 0.6 inches or 17 x 22mm. It sure looks smaller compared to smartwatches and other health trackers but, compared to those, its features are somewhat plenty.


It is somehow noticeable that, unlike smartwatches, it does not support display notifications. This can be somewhat comfortable, especially if you’re the kind that doesn’t like to get bugged by alerts most of the time. At first, you will think that it doesn’t have a backlight but, once you press the front button, it will eventually light up and display its contents for at least a few seconds. By default, it has a thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, three-point accelerometer and your own heartbeat rate. The data that is being displayed by the health tracker is always updated, though the accelerometer resets your total movement data after 24 hours.


And to top all of these features up, the health tracker also comes with a companion app which comes both in Android and iOS-compatible forms (or so we think). And if you think about the power, well, you don’t need to worry. The 60mAh lithium polymer power cell can give the health tracker its much-needed power supply for up to four days and about a week when inactive.


And lastly, this one comes at the price of $79, which is somewhat cheaper compared to other health trackers.