How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Device

How Do You Find Your Lost Bluetooth Device?

Generally speaking, we tend to lose our gadgets as they are diminutive in size and very portable.  If you lost even a single gadget, there’s no need for you to be embarrassed about it.  Because you know what… it happens most especially in littlest of things.

How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Device
How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Device


Now, reducing the number of gadgets connectivity-wise, we get those who can be connected via Bluetooth. And with these, we’re going to start our tutorial about lost devices.  Finally, here’s the question: How do you find your lost Bluetooth device?



  1. First, you must have a Bluetooth Scanner app right on your device. Without it, you will be totally lost in this tutorial.  Good thing, though, most of Android/ iOS devices has it but if you don’t have it, then acquire it from Google Play Store or iTunes. For Android devices, get Bluetooth Finder; and for iOS devices, get Bluetooth Smart scanner by Ace Sensor. For the Windows phones, you will find a compatible Bluetooth Finder for your OS.
  1. Before using the scanner, be sure that your Bluetooth connection is open.
  1. Basing from the signal strength, you can easily locate your device. Let’s say, you have:  -2 dBm to -15dBm.  You got a decline of signal here so it means that you are getting farther from the location of your lost device.  Now, if you have -10 dBm going to -1 dBm, then that’s a good sign that you are getting closer to your lost device.  Remember that strong signal implies a number closer to zero or above it.  The higher the number with negative (-) sign, the lower signal it implies.
  1. Let’s say that you misplaced your Bluetooth headset, what do you do? Fire up your music and control the volume using your smartphone. Now, as the volume increases, you can hear it from its location, and that’s how you find it.