How to Block AnnoyingSMS Messages on Google Messenger


Got annoying text messages from people under your ‘Annoying’ list? Google had already anticipated this problem and has provided several steps on how you can avoid such hassles. You can simply block this kind of messages on your Google Messenger.  Yet, if you’re thinking that you won’t be able to receive the messages, you might just be mistaken.  They will still be sent right to your message box but at least they won’t be notified that you have already read them.

How to Block AnnoyingSMS Messages on Google Messenger
How to Block AnnoyingSMS Messages on Google Messenger


So without further ado, let’s do the following steps to stop those annoying SMS messages in ruining your otherwise, beautiful day.



  1. Start at the very source which in this case is the Google Message. Open it and locate the text conversation you want to block or blacklist.  It might be your annoying ex-boyfriend or ex- best friend or Aunt Jenny. Anyway, just navigate your way to that particular convo for it is the starting point of our goal.
  1. Look at the upper right hand corner and you will see the three dotted menu. Tap on it and it will open you several options.
  1. Hit the option, ‘People & Options’ and you will be navigated inside it.
  1. You will then see several choices of what you can do to that particular phone contact. Since your goal is to block that phone contact, look for that option. It is located at the bottom of the list, just above the name of the contact name.
  1. Hit on the line that says, ‘Block (and contact no.)’.
  1. A pop up message will ask you to confirm your action, so simply hit the ‘OK’ button and you’re done.




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