How to encrypt your Android communication (voice, chat, texts)


Until the issue of NSA’s unorthodox way of conducting their secret investigation came out, we might think that our cellular communication lines (since we’re only humble commoners) are safe from the prying eyes (and ears, perhaps)  of other people.  With the issue out in the open, we think otherwise.


There has been a great influx of security apps to take care of our privacy needs.  However, with their super advanced features, some handsets are left behind.  Thanks that there are sensible souls who think about others.  Through them these applications were created and distributed to us.

How to encrypt your Android communication
How to encrypt your Android communication



RED PHONE for Private Calls

We do not say that Red Phone provides perfect security.  Is there anything such as perfect security nowadays?  We might just be hoping for it.  Nevertheless, Red Phone gives what we may call ‘great security’ since its encryption method is decent enough to let our communication stay in private.


Red Phone is powered by the reputable Open Whisper Systems, a non-profit software group of developers, which aims to “make private communication simple.”  Thus, you don’t need to know about routing your calls via extra identifier.  You can download Red Phone application here.


WICKR for Private Messaging

Wickr is one sensational application that can provide protective measures for our communication lines.  Why, the app has been featured in Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow” video, making it worth a try.  With Wickr, you can chat and send document files and media files without fearing that others can snoop for them.  The app can give you options to destroy the files within a certain time so no copies can be acquired by snooping agents.  Thanks to Nico Sell for this, we won’t fear much about leaked information.



SMSSECURE for Private Text Messages

            SMSSecure offers encryption not only wihtWifi, 3G and 4G data.  It uses 256 bit symmetric AES encryption and 192 bit elliptic curve encryption, rendering your text messages more spy-proof. To download SMSSecure, just follow this link and enjoy the benefits.


How to encrypt your Android communication
How to encrypt your Android communication




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