Reminder to Disconnect Your USB Flash Drive

How to Get a Reminder to Disconnect Your USB Flash Drive from the Computer

If you’re a busy college student or an individual who work on different computers in various places (like computer shops, the library, another office, etc.), the tendency is that you forget minor details and small objects just like your USB flash drive.  While you can easily acquire another device, the data stored within the device can be priceless for you, right? Then, how do you avoid losing both your device and the data stored in it?

Reminder to Disconnect Your USB Flash Drive
Reminder to Disconnect Your USB Flash Drive



Flash Drive Reminder is an easy-to-use tool for individuals who work on various computers and have their data on a USB flash drive.  This tool helps greatly in reminding you about your diminutive portable device by displaying a desktop reminder that it is still attached to the computer in case you log off without unplugging your stick.


The tool gives you an option to autorun box that appears immediately as soon as you plugged in your USB stick into the computer.  Just click on the Remind me to remove flash drive button to enable the tool and do your work.  When you log off from Windows, there will be a pop-up dialogue box that reminds you to remove your flash drive.  It works on older Windows OS versions like XP, Vista and Windows 7, provided that the AutoPlay option is enabled on the computer with these said systems.


Additionally, you can choose on two Flash Drive Reminder options (click on the name to download):


  • Standard– pops up on a small window as the tool is automatically launched. It comes with Start minimized (minimized on taskbar) and Open an Explorer window on startup (display flashdrive’s files on when the Reminder starts) options.


  • Quiet– has no options and do not pop up when you plug your USB flash drive into the computer. It will, however, remind you when you log-off or shut down the computer.  The downside is that you cannot safely remove your flash drive while the tool is still running.