How to Install Appcake—7 Easy Steps


If you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you might just have heard of Appcake.  The application enables handlers of iOS devices to download free third party application even before buying them.  Beforehand, you must have Cydia to “jailbreak” your device.  For there, you can be able to download Appcake from Cydia, and the other apps upon installing Appcake.


How to Install Appcake
How to Install Appcake
How to Install Appcake
How to Install Appcake



  1. Right on your iOS device Home Screen, launch Cydia and tap on the “Sources” at the bottom side of the Cydia page.


  1. Next, tap on “Edit” at the top-right corner of the screen. A dialogue box will immediately pop up on your screen, asking you to add Cydia/APT URL.  Type the link “” on the slot and tap on the “Add Source” button.


  1. After that, a warning message will flash on your screen but tap on the “Add Anyway” button. Your iOS device will then give a run of the resources needed for Appcake.


  1. After the sources have all been updated, tap on the “Return to Cydia”” button to return to the “Sources” screen.


  1. You can then tap on “” among the options. Choose AppCake (just in case if you have an iOS7 and 8 devices); AppCake(for iOS4.2&lower) for the indicated Apple operating system;  and AppCake (for iOS6) for the sixth version of iOS.


  1. You can then consecutively tap on “Install” and “Confirm” buttons to launch the installation process.


  1. For some versions, there will by a syncing process that could take for a several moments. After installation, tap on the “Restart SpringBoard” button to finalize the steps.  You can see the icon of AppCake from the home screen of your device.


How to Install Appcake
How to Install Appcake




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