How to Install Linux Mint

How to Install Linux Mint – 8 Steps

Linux Minst is popular for its clean, accessible and practical design for an operating system.  It is user friendly because of its easy-to-use interface and the coolest part about it—it’s for free! Installing this Linux distribution should be easy even for a beginner.

How to Install Linux Mint
How to Install Linux Mint



Download Process:

  1. First, back up all the important data within your computer.
  2. Download the Linux Mint ISO from acquirable from its own site. Remember than an ISO file is a disk image that you can burn directly to your DVD disk.  If you’re a beginner, choose the Cinnamon version of Linux Mint compatible to your desktop computer. Burn the file straight to your DVD using your burning software.


Installation Process:

  1. Boot your computer from your DVD drive and not from your hard drive.
  2. You will be welcomed with the start-up message of Linux Mint and from there, follow the step by step instruction and promptings.
  3. You will be given several options including how to choose your installation type.
  • Erase disk and install Linux Mint- is an option that will let you delete all the data within your selected disk and make Linux Mint as your exclusive OS.
  • Something else- is an option that will help you separate your installation of Linux from your current operating system. It will only feed on the free space available on your selected disk.
  1. Customize your settings by choosing options you want.
  2. Create your user name that will appear as your name among the network of users.
  3. Wait until the installation is complete and reboot your computer.