How to Make a Wired Printer into a Wireless Printer Model


The scenario may be like this: Your children regularly have projects they need to print but they need to connect to your wired home printer in order to do this.  If only you have the wireless model so they don’t need to trouble themselves asking for the USB cable and print their projects.  Sounds out of date, obsolete and troublesome, right?

How to Make a Wired Printer into a Wireless Printer Model
How to Make a Wired Printer into a Wireless Printer Model


Now, if you are looking for ways to end this inconvenience, know that you can now make a wireless printer out from your USB-based printer through a device called wireless print servers.  A wireless print server looks like a mini router that has a USB port.  Just connect your printer to the USB port of the wireless print server and voila!—you and your whole family can utilize your home printer wirelessly.


If you’re interested, we listed some of the most popular wireless print servers in the market today.


  • Linksys PrintServer

This is a wireless print server made by Cisco that can help you access all functions of your all-in-one printer easily through a wireless network.  This device can be connected your wired multi-function printer through a Wireless-G or Ethernet cable.


Price: $80 (estimate)


  • Netgear WGPS606

This one is rather special since it can be used as both wireless print server or wired router.  You can wirelessly share 2 printers since it has 2 USB ports and you can also connect 4 different computers to the network if they do not support wireless network adapters.


Price: $60 (estimate)


  • HP Wireless Kit

Now, if you have a wired HP printer, you can easily convert it into a wireless model via its very own HP Wireless Printing Kit.  Those who have the all-in-one model can fully utilize this kit through its integration program. However, it only supports Windows PC and could not support Android or Apple devices.


Price: $75 (estimate)






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