How to Play YouTube Music and Videos in the Background – Android Tutorial


You want to hear your favorite song in the background while performing other Android tasks right on your mobile.  Perhaps you are watching an informative video and you would want to take notes about it, but as soon as you click on your note pad, the YouTube video stops.  Familiar scenarios, huh?


How to Play YouTube Music and Videos in the Background
How to Play YouTube Music and Videos in the Background

There is YouTube Music Key, mind you. But the key—unfortunately—is to access it via Google Music All Access of which you have to pay for its services.  You may have the money to gain buy the service, so what are you doing here? This article is a tutorial for Android handlers who want to play YouTube music and videos in the background of their mobiles… sans the payment.


Xposed is an android-compatible application developed by Pyler.  The app makes it possible for us to put YouTube right on the background as we interact with our handset with other tasks.  Not only this application is free but the developer made it purely simple. However, prerequisite indicate that you root your android device. If you don’t know how to do the rooting process, look for some tutorial or have a friend do it for you.




  1. Download and install the Xposed app right on your device. Proceed to the ‘Download’ section and tap on the Search icon. Look for ‘YouTube Background Playback’ and once you discover it, tap on it.


  1. Now, you are directed to the module’s page and once you’re there, tap on the ‘Versions’ tab, and then tap on ‘Download’ button under the latest version.


  1. After the module has been downloaded, do the installation process by hitting ‘Install.’ Just click on options prompting a thumbs-up in case of any security prompts.  Once the module is installed, open the Xposed Installer app again, and head back to the ‘Modules’ sub-menu.  Hit the checkmark and the module’s all ready to be activated.


  1. You must reboot your device for the application to take effect. Once rebooted, you can then enjoy YouTube Background Playback





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