How to Put YouTube Videos as Background Music in Your iPhone or iPad


We talked about putting YouTube in the background for your rooted  Android device a couple of months ago. Through one app named Xposed, you can make YouTube just like a music player.  It’s one recommended app for all music lovers who are also fans of the leading video-sharing website.

It has taken us a while before we present to you the tutorial for the iOS version and here it is.  Here’s the step by step guide to make YouTube videos as background music in your iPhone or iPad.

How to Put YouTube Videos as Background Music in Your iPhone or iPad
How to Put YouTube Videos as Background Music in Your iPhone or iPad



  1. This isn’t a compulsory step, it’s up to you to decide whether you use this or not. Delete your YouTube application on your iOS device (of course you can make a backup just in case).  Open YouTube using Safari browser and if you’re allergic to promptings, asking if you wish YouTube using its app instead of the browser, then do what we advised you to do.


  1. Play the video you want to listen to. Note, too, that this tutorial is only applicable to playing a single video only and not the whole playlist.


  1. When the video is already playing, press the home button. Go to the Control Center by swiping in from the bottom of the screen. From the player controls, press play and the video will playback right in the background.  You can then do your thing with your iPhone or iPad just don’t forget not to reopen Safari.


Now, if you’re okay with this and you love YouTube playing on the background, you may install another browser for your convenience.  Who knows if you’ll need to research something, right?


  1. Even when you press the power button as the video is playing in the background, you can still be able to listen to the music.
  2. If you finally decided that you’ get rid of your YouTube app, then here’s how you can substitute the loss:
    1. Open Safari and type com on the address bar.
    2. When already inside the website, tap the “export” button located at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Tap on “Add to home screen” and you will have an app-like icon as shortcut.





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