How to Record Game Videos on Your Android or iOS Device


You may be both a gamer and game blogger who knows the importance of having a recorded video of an actual game.  Or perhaps, you might just want to show your old friends your killer exhibition upon concluding your game.  Whatever your reason behind wanting to have that priced moment recorded in video, we’ll help you with the tricks and moves in order to achieve your feat.


Kamcord is a downloadable app on both Android and iOS.  Note, though, that if you’re using an older version of Android (definitely not a Google Lollipop device), you may need to root your device first.   Additionally, this app is not applicable for all the games you play on your device (hey, everything has its limitations!).   Good news, however, is that it works on majority of the trending games (you can put that smile again).


How to Record Game Videos on Your Android or iOS Device
How to Record Game Videos on Your Android or iOS Device



  1. Download and install Kamcord on your device.
  2. Launch the app and sign up or you can simply skip the signing up part if you deem it reasonable to do so.
  3. You can see then the list of the games that Kamcord is currently supporting.
  4. Upon choosing the game, press the green button for recording which is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. A short pop up note will then inform you that Kamcord will be recording everything that’s displayed on your screen. Tap on the Start Now button, anyway and right away to start your game and recording.  Enjoy!


Another downside for those who don’t use Google Lollipop devices, your phone may lag from time to time, so it’s either your store patience or buy the latest green bot version.


iOS device users, the procedure we’ve given here shouldn’t be far from yours.  Download your own copy of the app by clicking or tapping here.



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