How to repair the cracked display of iphone5

It is awful to see the gadgets broken or breaking if the person is the gadgets freak. And the feeling becomes more intense if the gadget’s name is iphone. Everyone knows that it is the high end phone with all possible features in it. The person who already used iphone will not be pleased with other sets. If the person get the phone with the broken screen the person will certainly feel awful. So here is the tips to fix the screen of the iphone by own. If the screen is broken the LCD panel and the screen both have to be bought by the person as it is unseparable. But it can be separated and bought.


The required things:

The things which are required for the repair of the iphone screen are:

  • Suction cup
  • A plastic tool for case opening
  • A screw driver with the head of #00
  • A pentalobe screw driver


First of all as the problem is in the screen so it is better to back up the data and then the phone needs to be shut down. The device has two pentalobe screws at the bottom of it on the both side. First the screws should be removed with the pentalobe screwdriver. Then using the suction cup the screen should be removed carefully. A bit of force should be given and after the screen is enough away from the set the plastic opening tool can be used to separate it. The display should be removed starting from the bottom to the up but it should not be removed totally because of some cables which are attached to the screen. When the screen is almost 90 degree up from the base then the front panel assembly cable bracket should be removed by removing the three screws on the logic board. With the plastic opening tool the cables should be removed. Then with the screw driver the LCD display should be removed. Then the earpiece speaker and the front facing camera and the back microphone assembly and the home button should be opened. Then the new display should be fixed.