How to run two Facebook accounts on Your Android


It’s no longer surprising nowadays if people tend to use two Facebook accounts.  One account may be work-related and the other one must be—of course—personal.  From this need comes the development of different types of Facebook apps which we are about to know about just in case you haven’t run on them since they’re not in the Google Play Store yet.  So let us re-introduce and introduce to you the two lovable social media apps that gives us better platform into the society—the Official Facebook app and the official Facebook Lite.


How to run two Facebook accounts on Your Android
How to run two Facebook accounts on Your Android


To be able to make what’s in our ‘title’ happen, you must acquire the apk of Facebook Lite first.  As we’ve just mentioned, it’s not in Google Play Store.  Anyway, just download the app here, install and launch it, then we’ll do the next steps by following these directions:


  1. So, you’ve launched your Facebook Lite app, right? Because if you haven’t done it yet, then what are you waiting for? Next, just fill in the log in information of your other account. Well, start using it and don’t worry so much about your other account.  They’re completely different from each other, of course.


  1. Check on your list of applications and you will see two icons of Facebook.  The Lite version has white background and blue ‘f.’ Whereas, the Official Facebook icon has the original blue background and white letter ‘f.’


  1. Enjoy the benefit of having two simultaneous FB accounts right on your Android device!




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