How to track updates the Android apps you didn’t get from the Google Play store


Let’s say that you’re not an avid fan of Google Play Store.  Even with the vast array of applications, books and services, you find it all complicated and less to your taste.  You opt for a third party app store like One Mobile and SlideMe.  After all, they just choose the best of the apps so you don’t have to sort through the clutter of wanna-be’s and hall-famers alike.

How to track updates the Android apps you didn't get from the Google Play store
How to track updates the Android apps you didn’t get from the Google Play store


However, as you opt for the third party stores like the two aforementioned names, how do you monitor the updates of each app you downloaded and installed via that store.  Google, in contrast, made an easy way for the updates.  How about these third part stores?  It’s a good and rare thing to find something like ApkTrack.  Just download this app and it will monitor the applications you downloaded through a 3rd party store.  Note, though, that it simply sends notifications and do not auto-update the specific app like Google Play Store does for you.  Anyway, follow the steps of this tutorial and learn how to update your apk files.




  1. Download and install ApkTrack on your smartphone or tablet.
  1. After installing, launch the app and know about its interface. You get to see your installed applications inside the app itself.  The three circular icons on top right hand corner play vital roles when it comes to monitoring those applications within the list.
  1. Now, what ApkTrack is adept to do is to check on every app you have within your mobile. It gives you report about the last update and the new versions it tracks down.  As it merely monitors, it’s up to you to manually install the latest versions available.
  1. Within ApkTrack’s settings are two options: 1) Enable background checks (plays just as how its name sounds); and 2) Preferred search engine wherein you get to choose between Google, DuckDuckGo, Play Store, Evozi and APK Mirror.
  1. You can long press on the app with available update and get to choose the update source. Confirm the action by easily tapping on the OK button below the list of options.



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