How to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a Desktop Computer

How to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a Desktop Computer with an MHL-Compatible Adapter or Dock

You won’t believe that the speed of today’s Android smartphones can easily be converted into a desktop personal computer with just a single compatible device.  Prerequisite to this (no, it’s not an Octacore smartphone) is the Mobile High-Definition Link that enables you us to connect our smartphone and tablets into HDMI-compatible displays through its microUSB ports.  Your smartphone then can function ideally with multimedia, document encoding and internet browsing.

How to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a Desktop Computer
How to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a Desktop Computer


To know whether your device is MHL-compatible, you can visit the link of MHL Consortium for the free information.  Here comes the viciously tricky part—looking for the right MHL adapter or dock. First thing to consider is whether your smartphone has 5-pin or 11-pin microUSB connector.  Due to the overwhelming standard development of device manufacturers, particularly Samsung, you might find yourself choosing between these two kinds of microUSB connector.  Anyway, 11-pin is used by the likes of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S3, S4 and Galaxy Mega 6.3.


Once you bought the MHL dock, it only takes reading and following instructions to get the job done.  One tip though, if you’re going to buy the MHL adapter, try to acquire also a 3.5mm stereo output jack.  This is due to a fact that not all displays can accommodate audio on HDMI.  Get wireless mouse and keyboard as well for there aren’t USB ports present in the adapter.


MHL Docks

  1. Aizbo Micro USB OTG SdTf HUB Card Reader MHL to HdmiHdtv Adapter
  • Device compatibility: cell phones and tablets with OTG function
  • 11-pin connector
  • Charging via microUSB to USB cable
  • Includes MicroUSB cable to link MHL-compatible devices to HDMI-compatible display
  • Also supportsUSB flash disk andSD / TF card of up to 16GB
  • Price Tag: $14


  1. Onedayshop® Smart Dock MHL HDMI OTG Docking Station
  • Devices with 11-pin connector
  • Watch videos, play and work on large monitors and HD TVs
  • Connect compatible keyboards, mice, external storage and other input devices
  • HDMI Out and Standard USB Port Out (x2)
  • Can use the phone even during the charging process
  • Price Tag: $30


  1. Samsung Galaxy Smart Dock Multimedia Hub
  • Smartphone compatibility: Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy Mega
  • 11-pin microUSB connector
  • 5mm stereo output jack for streaming stereo sound to your speakers or components
  • Includes HDMI Out for connection to HDTVs and large display monitors
  • Connects to compatible keyboards, mice, external storage, and other input devices
  • PriceTag: $90