How to type fast on your smartphone

How to type fast on your smartphone (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone) – 3 Major Tricks

One of the side effects of having a gigantic touch screen of a mobile phone is the difficulty of managing typing singlehandedly, don’t you agree? With the fast-pace lifestyle we now have, gadgets seem to supply an equal quick-run on so many things.  However, there’s a little detail we seem to miss that gives good contrast with basic phones we use just little over a decade ago: Keypad.


How to type fast on your smartphone
How to type fast on your smartphone


While we can tap around on the keypads of basic handsets singlehandedly—even without looking!—it’s an entirely different game in touchscreen phones.  You need to focus on a flat surface all the way half-thinking the location of letters, numbers and symbols.  So we are presenting three of the major tricks in how to fast-type on your smartphones:


  • This first trick is familiar with smartphone techies as they “swipe away” short and quick answers during their conversations. Google Android keypads allow this kind of trick and so in iOS (via third party keypad downloadable from Apple market) and Windows.  To be able to do this, one has to enable the option for swipe-typing first.  Then all is set by tracing letters of the words you want to convey and the keypad intelligence will do the editing.


  1. FLEKSY—Smart Keyboard
  • Now, this one’s for entering long data like documents we seem to find ourselves doing from time-to-time. Our second trick is customizable which enables the handler to pick out his desired lay-out for his own convenience.  Additionally, when you commit error, the Fleksy spelling-checker readily comes to aid.  Give yourself time to master Fleksy, though.
  • Trivia: The Guiness title holder for fastest typist using smartphone keypad had used Fleksy to surpass his own record.


  • Google seems untiring in giving us comfort. Instead of typing characters, the information whiz had given its users to use Google Now, a voice-recognition engine that accompanies users during their search and message-conveying.  All you have to do is enable the setting for voice activation and (tadah!) you’re in for a quick search using voice dictation.  However, one of its pitfalls is its own strength, too.  Google Now is sound sensitive that it affects your dictation.  So it’s a no-no for noisy environment.  Further, a heavy accent may hinder you in giving off the right word.
How to type fast on your smartphone
How to type fast on your smartphone