How to Unlock the Hidden Numeric Network Signal Meter on Your iPhone : No Jailbreak


Apple may bring the world’s most reliable devices and there’s no question about it.  However, for newbie handlers or even for the average iUsers, there are still some mysteries waiting to be solved and this includes the unlocking of the hidden numeric network signal meter in your iPhone.


See those horizontally arranged dots at the top left corner of your iPhone’s homescreen?  They signify the estimate strength value of your internet signal.  While they give the information whether you have an internet or none, you may still want the actual numeric meter taking its place.  No worries, this isn’t something that only a tech whiz can do.  In a combination of few clicks and tricks, you can unravel the numbers right at the very place of those dots.


How to Unlock the Hidden Numeric Network Signal Meter on Your iPhone
How to Unlock the Hidden Numeric Network Signal Meter on Your iPhone



  1. Enter the Field Test mode by simply dialing*3001#12345#* via your dial pad and press the Call
  1. Once inside the Field Test page, tap on the dots we mentioned earlier at the top left corner of your screen. This may be a little bit tough but be patient anyway until the dots were replaced by the numeric value.
  1. In order for the number to remain in its position on your status bar, you have to save the changes you made. Hold down the power/lock button until the power menu is seen on your screen.  Then, you need to press and hold the Home or Touch ID button for about 10 seconds until it refreshes and navigates you to your home page.  Notice that the dots have been replaced by numbers?  If that’s so, then it simply means that you are successful with your endeavour.



Now, you may not know how to interpret the value of these numbers.  If that’s the case let us share with you our knowledge about it.

  • The higher the number value, the stronger is the signal—simple!
  • The numbers are negative in value; hence, the lower the digit, the higher number value it has.

(Example: -67 is higher than -77.  Now, if you have one bar, the approximate value for it is -102 to -120. )





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