How to Use your Google Chrome – 5 Unfamiliar Ways


Generally, Google Chrome is a browser for most of us.  Little do we know the underlying treasures within its boundaries.Before plunging in, take a deep breath and be prepared to be surprised with most you’re about to learn.


  1. As System Browser
  • Okay this may not be pretty much surprising to some, but to the ‘other’ some, it is.
    • If you’re using Windows, you can simply type: C:\ on the address bar.
    • If you’re using Mac, simply type file:/// on the address bar.


As System Browser in google crome
As System Browser in google crome



  • As a calculator
  • Have you ever tried Google Chrome to convert Metric conversion? Yes, it’s pretty much easy nowadays to type it on your address bar and get the equivalent instantly. Another one, you can simply type the formula and be ready to acquire the answer even without pressing the Enter key.


Google Chrome Calculations
Google Chrome Calculations



Yay! As “Endless T-Rex Runner” Game Player

  • This is Chrome’s coolest feature ever! Don’t have anything to do while waiting for the internet connection to surge back? Try playing with the little dinosaur by simply hitting your spacebar to start the game. Just be careful not to hit those prickly cactuses, or it’s game over!


Play Games Google Chrome
Play Games Google Chrome



As a Media Player

  • This is one of the rarest actions you can do via Chrome. Why, with your easy Media player just a few clicks away, who would have thought that using Chrome is possible? (Note: The video seen in the picture is from a Walt Disney Classic, “Cinderella.”)
Play Video Audio Files Google-Chrome
Play Video Audio Files Google-Chrome


As PDF File Viewer

  • Suppose you have forgotten to install Adobe PDF Reader or any PDF reader you love, Chrome always come handy. Even without these third party readers, you’ll do the reading just fine.




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