How to Utilize Android Smartwatch as Remote Shutter for Your Smartphone Snapper


Android smart watches have recently included a cool feature for selfie and picture aficionados out there.  While monopod selfie sticks are reliable helping “sticks” to ensure better group images, we might just be thrilled to know that there’s a much better remote version for camera aid.

How to use your Android Wear smartwatch
How to use your Android Wear smartwatch


With the help of our wearable, distance and opportunity to be with your friends on a picture (and not being ‘the photographer’) are no longer in our dilemma list.  To enable this feature on your smartphone, you will need the right application.  Look at this list and see what could help you with your smartwatch.


Google Camera

Of course, this should be the first on the list. Upon launching the Google Camera on your smartphone, you will soon notice a new card that says ‘Remote.’  You have to tap on it and your timepiece’s display will turn into a shutter key.  Tapping the key will trigger the three-second timer before the actual snap. You can download the app here.


Other Recommended Applications:


Wear Camera Remote

The application can display a preview right on your Android wearable and—of course—act as a remote shutter.  There’s also a timer and the best thing about this is it’s free to download. You also have to remember that with this app on, you can take pictures even if your smartphone’s display is not open.  It is the camera that works and not the display, you know.


Remote Shot for Android Wear

Using Remote Shot for Android Wear you can easily switch from primary cam into front snapper in no time.  You may also adjust the image resolution, set the timer and remotely control your smartphone’s camera flash.  With a mere $1.50 dollars, you can download the app here.




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