HTC Grip—Details, Price and Release


HTC puts a step forward in introducing a new line of gadgets for the connected lifestyle category. Starting off with HTC Zoe, the company has made commendable remarks and even set a new trend to the aforementioned category.  Now, it extends its possibilities by designing their first wearable, the HTC Grip, which is also made possible through their joint effort with Under Armour.


HTC Grip
HTC Grip

HTC Grip is a GPS-enabled fitness tracker that closely monitors the health of the wearer.  The GPS connectivity works well with the health and fitness network Under Armour Record, giving detailed and up-to-date information of tracking the wearer’s lifestyle habits. Just so you know, one of the perks of having GPS on the board is that it does not rely merely on the app itself. Notably, though, you can notice that the heart rate sensor is missing. If you need this feature, acquire one from Under Armour and it will surely work well with your Grip.


Wrapping around your wrist is the dual toned rubber of lime-green and black coloring.  While its sharp-sporty look is quite a looker, the finish is IP57 certified for water and dust resistance. Then again, it is not something you can test to plunge into the water. The band also sports a 1.8-inch PMOLED display of 32×160 resolution which fills us in with details such as time and date, message notifications, relative fitness information and incoming calls from on its partner smartphone.

HTC Grip
HTC Grip


HTC Grip goes in sale in the spring of 2015 at the price of $200.  It is expected to compete in the likes of Fitbit (for Fitbit Surge) and Jawbone.




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