HTC Nexus

HTC Nexus Partnership Rumored to last for Three Years

Experts aren’t entirely surprised when Google had announced their partnership with HTC in doing the Nexus project this year, since they have been in this kind of partnership years before. However, what really amazed them is the following rumor that HTC had managed to secure that partnership contract for three long years! Most of you will say that it’s just a very short time. But on HTC’s side, the partnership is somewhat huge, though.

HTC Nexus
HTC Nexus


Most people are wondering why this issue is a big deal for most of us. Well…experts have their own explanations. The first one is that the company has suffered quite a loss, therefore making them lose some customer trust. The second one is that other companies only managed to secure the contract for more than a year, the longest ones having manufactured at least three gadgets under the Nexus name. And sad to say, the last one is that there are MUCH BETTER companies out there, especially when it comes to manufacturing gadgets with lengthy battery life, an error which the company is notorious of committing. We know that Google has their own reason, though, no matter what that is, and that will benefit HTC greatly.


Even though there are no new product releases as of this time, we can still expect that the latest Nexus will definitely have the best technologies that these two companies will offer. Most experts say that maybe, Google will start making their own set of Android hardware, which can be a possibility, knowing that HTC has the right facilities for that. And if the rumors about the three-year deal are true, this means that HTC will manufacture at least six gadgets under the Nexus line, which is definitely a win-win situation.