HTC One M8 Vs Samsung S5

The competition in the mobile world is getting very huge and several mobile manufactures like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia etc are trying to improve their customer base at any cost. Several mobile companies are releasing their models to outsmart the models coming from other manufacturers. The stiff competition between the Mobile manufactures is giving new and advanced features to the customers at competitive prices. Recently HTC unveiled its flagship phone in the HTC ONE series HTC ONE M8 and Samsung revealed its highly awaiting model Galaxy S5. Though both are in the premium mobile segment, yet there is so much difference between these two.

HTC One M8
HTC One M8

Design:- HTC One M8 is neither dust or water proof but Samsung is calming that its S5 is water resistant and dust proof. HTC’s M8 is looks steadier whereas with round edges and smooth finishing S5 looks better than M8.

Samsung S5
Samsung S5

Camera:- Cameras in mobile phones are playing a prominent role in premium phones. HTC M8 is equipped with 5MP front camera and on the rear side of M8, the company fitted 4 Ultra-pixel camera. In S5, with a better megapixel camera and quicker focus and dual flash, it gives more professional photos with better quality.


Finger Print scanner:- S5 is the second phone in the mobile market which is equipped with the finger print scanner after Apple’s iPhone 5S. Samsung put lot of hopes on the S5 with its unique finger print recognition sensor where as in HTC M8 no such facility is available.

User Interface:- HTC equipped M8 with Sense 6 UI on top of Android Kitkat OS. Though Samsung S5 is also using the same Kitkat OS, its user interface is entirely different and much more user friendly when compared with M8.

Apart from these parameters, in other technical specifications like size of RAM, Graphic processor, battery life, battery placement and removal, expandable memory card slot, weight, handling, wifi range etc. also better in S5 than M8. This shows the clear edge of S5 over M8. But HTC put lot of hopes on M8 for its unique features like Ultra pixel Camera, Booming speakers etc. Let us see how the competition goes who will emerge as the winner.