HTC Vive Pre

HTC Vive Pre – Now Lighter and More Comfortable

We all have noticed that HTC didn’t show any smartphone in the Consumer Electronics Show a week before. However, just as we expected, they had released a newly-improved technological innovation, in the form of HTC Vive Pre.


HTC Vive Pre
HTC Vive Pre


Being nicer and good-looking than the previous HTC Vive, which is somewhat considerably heavy, this update to their almost-virtual reality technology really adds up to the previous hype. Though it still looks bigger and obstructive due to its headset and monitor combination, which somehow looks like an old-fashioned Nigh Vision Goggles, this one features a more compact and lighter package. Unlike HTC Vive, the Vive Pre’s headset sensors are now covered and the cables have been replaces by lighter ones, therefore allowing comfort when wearing it. Maneuverability is slightly better than before due to its overall improvement.


The most noticeable thing about HTC Vive Pre, however, is the camera that’s slapped directly onto the headset. This part works in conjunction with the virtual reality technology in order to maximize our experience by mapping out the surrounding area. Double-pressing the menu button on the controller enables the camera to outline the environment. And along with a dark-greenish color outline, it is somehow like having that so-called Predator vision. Having this feature enables its users to continue playing while having a glass of water, though I won’t recommend wearing this while having your family dinner.


When it comes to games, little change can be seen, more or less. However, along with joystick, throttle controls and good visuals (imagine playing Ace Combat in 4D); using these in playing games definitely rocks.