ID 107 Bluetooth Smart Watch

ID 107 Bluetooth Smart Watch: A Water-resistant Wristband at an Affordable Price

As for the time of this writing, a flash sale is being held in Gearbest (actually a 37% discount) for ID 107 Bluetooth Smart Watch. As of now, the flash sale price is about $17.59, without the tax. Because of this reason, our experts have taken a good at this smart watch. So far, the tests are all good and the product is known to work in very good condition.

ID 107 Bluetooth Smart Watch
ID 107 Bluetooth Smart Watch


Cutting introductions short, the ID 107 Bluetooth Smart Watch does what other regular smart watches usually do: Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Tracker, Sedentary Alerts, etc. However, along with those features, ID 107 Bluetooth Smart Watch had lots more to offer its customers. Aside from those features, it also has the anti-lost feature, which is specially designed for those who have poor sense of direction.


Featuring an nRF51822 chip with a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity technology, the ID 107 Bluetooth Smart Watch can quickly and efficiently meet your life’s needs. By using the heart rate monitoring feature, you can monitor your heart rate and heart beat wherever you are and whatever you do, whether you’re playing or even at work. The pedometer, sleep monitoring and sedentary alert features can possibly help you do and manage a healthy lifestyle by alerting you whether it’s already bedtime or time for exercise. Since the pedometer is specially designed to measure the number of steps we do every single day, we can then assess whether what we are doing is healthy or not.


What’s more interesting with this one is that it has the calorie consumption management feature. This feature works by measuring how much calories we are consuming daily and how much of it are we using in our daily activities. In addition to pedometer and sedentary alert, this can be a part of your pursuit to a healthy lifestyle.


Additional features include a water-resistant body, which can contain immersions of up to five meters for at least fifteen minutes, a lithium-polymer battery which can last from five to ten days depending on your usage, alarm clock, phone loss prevention features (make sure that it’s connected to your phone) and camera remote control.


Just by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the corresponding smart watch app helps ID 107 Bluetooth Smart Watch to do various tasks in your smartphone. These tasks include various activities such as answering calls and taking photos while you are still busy doing your thing. And at the very affordable price of $17.59, it’s all yours.