Identify Genuine MicroSD Cards from Fake Ones

How to Identify Genuine MicroSD Cards from Fake Ones

Nowadays, everything from gadgets to softwares is being counterfeited. Due to the reason that genuine products are much expensive, people are now forced to buy imitations or fake ones for its promise of having the same performance and features when compared to the genuine ones. The truth is, however, buying fake products will not cost you more money than you expect; it will also give you lots of headaches.

Identify Genuine MicroSD Cards from Fake Ones
Identify Genuine MicroSD Cards from Fake Ones


Because of smartphone’s storage capacity limitations, people are now buying microSD cards in order to expand their data storage capacity. But sad to say, fake microSD cards now swarm the smartphone market.


If you don’t want yourself to become a victim, these are some of the steps where you can identify the genuine microSD cards from the fake ones:


  1. Blurred or Obscure MicroSD Labeling – Since laser printing technology is being used to print labels in genuine microSD cards, there’s no way that it’s going to blur, especially if it’s a brand-new one.


  1. Poor and Misaligned Printing – If you suspect that you bought a fake microSD card but the labels aren’t blurred, check whether the printing is misaligned or poor. Unlike the genuine ones that are aligned and printed by robots, the fake ones are usually printed manually, therefore giving more possibility to commit alignment errors.


  1. No Brand Name in MicroSD card – Being the most obvious one, genuine microSD cards have their manufacturer’s name printed on them for identification purposes.


  1. MicroSD card Packaging errors – Manufacturers also tend to print supporting details of their products such as performance and capacity in their product’s packaging. This ensures the buyer that the microSD card that they’re buying has the right capacity. If the product’s packaging has typographical errors, refrain from buying it.


  1. Use SD Card apps such as SD Insight – This downloadable app from Google Play lets you check your purchased microSD card’s manufacturer, capacity and manufacturing date. Using this app will help you distinguish genuine from fake ones on the software side.