Increase Protection for Your Mobile Devices

How to Increase Protection for Your Mobile Devices – Android, Apple

It is but common nowadays for a common person to own several gadgets.  In between these devices is the invisible connection known as the Internet.  Due to the nature of the modern lifestyle, work and personal affairs closely intermingle.  We share data both personal and professional and somehow, they are not invisible on prying eyes.  Yes, whatever input or information we share via internet are prone to be read and stolen by malicious, thieving individuals.

Increase Protection for Your Mobile Devices
Increase Protection for Your Mobile Devices



Sounds creepy and terrorizing, right?  But even though there are such in existence, know that you can perform your counter measures.  We have several tips on how to increase protection for your mobile devices.


Tip #1:  Encrypt Everything

  • One of the easiest and most important things in giving your iOS or Android device security is through encryption.


Tip #2: Avoid Public Networks

  • Free Wi-Fi for all… sounds really enticing. But know that the lines are open and prying eyes may be present.


Tip #3: Download Anti-malware Apps

  • You can invest your time and effort—if not money—in acquiring the likes of Avast, Kapersky, F-Secure, TrustGo and Lookout.


Tip #4: Check your Security Settings

  • Okay, you need a Wi-Fi connection but make sure that you go discreet. Make sure that your Network Discovery is turned off so you won’t get discovered.  Also, turn off any kind of sharing—file sharing, printer sharing, media sharing, etc.  Check on your Firewall if it’s up and working to seal the package.


Tip #5: Don’t Declare Everything in Social Media

  • Don’t you know that 2 weeks of actually stalking an individual isn’t enough than a few minutes of Googling him or her? If you’re in a habit of declaring the places you’re in or who are you with or what you’re doing, then stop.  You’re just feeding criminal minds a lot about you.



Bottom line

You may not be the President of America or the Queen to be the center of too much attention.  But hey, you’re being is important and you may be surprised to know that crime is something that has gone digital, too.