install the Hydrogen OS V4 launcher

How to Install Hydrogen OS V4 Launcher on your Smartphone

Hydrogen OS comes as an optional ROM for the two controversial smartphones of 2014 and 2015: OnePlus One and OnePlus Two.  These two handsets won’t go scarce with OS selections.


OnePlus One Available OS

  • CynogenMod
  • Oxygen OS
  • Hydrogen OS


OnePlus Two Available OS

  • Oxygen OS
  • Hydrogen OS


As you can notice, there’s the omission of CyanogenMod on the second handset.  This was due to a nasty rift between OnePlus and Cyanogen, leading to official parting of ways.


install the Hydrogen OS V4 launcher
install the Hydrogen OS V4 launcher


As a result, OnePlus has time to be more productive in producing their own touches over Android.  Yet even as there are different cake flavorings, Android users are not deterred to make their explorations.  This time, we have to thank the developers of XDA enables Android device owners to install the latest launcher from the official Hydrogen OS ROM.  Hydrogen OS V4 launcher was released just recently and can work in most of Android 4.0 phones in existence.


(TipThis can work even in some Android devices with different skins such as Samsung’s TouchWiz or HTC’s Sense.  You don’t need to root your phone just to make this method work. )




  1. Download Hydrogen OS V4 launcher APK and make sure that you download its latest version.


  1. Now, just in case you have downloaded the apk file from yoru PC or Mac, just transfer it to your phone’s storage.


  1. Open the File Manager then go to the folder where you placed the .apk file then tap on it.


  1. Install and wait until the process has been finished.


  1. As soon as the installation process is through, press the Home button and you will now have the option to choosefrom your own stock or Hydrogen OS launcher. To test, select Hydrogen and feel free to explore.