Install the Preview of Android M on Nexus Devices

How to Install the Preview of Android M on Nexus Devices – 9 Steps

Last time we talked about Android M, the seemingly flawless version of Android up to date.  Google made it to the point that almost everything is included in this soft package:  mobile payment, fingerprint support, app permission and battery saver.


Users of Nexus devices may find themselves first-stringers to experience Android M.  This tutorial is dedicated to Nexus users who want to install the hottest version of the little green bot.  However, there are certain things we need to clarify first before you plunge into the Android M experience.

Install the Preview of Android M on Nexus Devices
Install the Preview of Android M on Nexus Devices



  • This is not yet the complete and final version of Android M but a mere preview. Hence, bugs are typically to be encountered.
  • It is only available for Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Player users.
  • You need to back up your data before even downloading Android M. Or the other way around, which entails you to unlock the boot loader of your Nexus device.



  1. Boot your Windows laptop or desktop and download Android Studio Preview. This file will then install the ADB and Fastboot program which you can access through the command terminal of your Windows computer.
  1. Add the SDK folder by right clicking “My Computer”>> Properties >> Advanced System Settings>> System Properties >> Advanced >> Environmental Variables.
  1. Select Path >> Edit and enter in the name of the directory where you installed the SDK file, separating each entry by a semi colon.
  1. Enable USB debugging mode in your Nexus by simply navigating through Settings>> About Phone>> Software Information.
  1. Tap on the build number for seven times then go to Settings >> Developer Options and check on the box for USB debugging. Make sure that you are downloading the right factory image as the image will only work on its specific Nexus model.
  1. Extract the downloaded factory image on your computer and connect your Nexus device to your Windows computer via USB cable.
  1. Start the device in fastboot mode by simply holding the volume up/down and power (physical) buttons at the same time.
  1. Keep both devices connected and open the command terminal then execute the adb reboot bootloader.
  1. Restart your phone and—voila—you will be able to see Android M Preview version right on your Nexus.