Installing WhatsApp on Tablets/PC without any SIM or Mobile Number

Though many apps are famous amongst folks but WhatsApp still hasn’t lost it charm since it happens to be the most used instant messaging application. Be it text messages or images, videos or audio messages, WhatsApp lets you do everything in one app. But as we all know, to use this app, one need to verify one’s mobile number. When you try installing WhatsApp on your phone, it sends a verification code via SMS to your mobile number. Thereafter you need to enter that particular verification code in order to start using this friendly app.


But let’s say if you do not have any SIM or mobile number for the process of verification? You may desire to install WhatsApp on a tablet or a PC which doesn’t have a mobile number, you can still download WhatsApp. Let’s see how you can do it.

Well there are many online websites which offer you a free mobile number which can be use to receive the verification code. Hence you can confirm the given number as your WhatsApp number and start using WhatsApp. Hence you get this fun to use app without even a SIM or mobile number. Let’s have a look at the websites which give you a free mobile number: It’s a German website providing mobile numbers across countries including Germany, Sweden, UK, USA and many more. Here you can use from multiple numbers present and use for activating WhatsApp. And moreover guess what you get your number entirely free of cost.– The site also provides you with numerous mobile numbers out of which you can pick one to receive SMS online. The site provides numbers to Hungary, USA, UK and dozens of other countries. Hence you can use WhatsApp without any need of mobile number. This is another websites which provides you with a mobile number totally free of cost. Just choose you number and you are ready to use WhatsApp.

Hence you can use the three above mentioned websites to receive SMS online and therefore start using WhatsApp and other similar services.

The only limiting factor is that the number you have chosen may have been selected by anyone else. In that case you need to try another number.