Instant Apps is the New Android Feature that will Change it For Good

Instant Apps is the New Android Feature that will Change it For Good

Just recently, people are becoming much interested in the AI technology due to the fact that almost every tech giant nowadays is pursuing to do it. As we are all aware, ASUS had just announced their new array of gadgets along with the introduction of Zenbo, their AI Robot. However, whether we accept it or not, other matters must be considered, including the fact that Android might be changed for good. And that’s how Instant Apps, the newest Android feature enters the scene.

Instant Apps is the New Android Feature that will Change it For Good


What do you mean by ‘Instant Apps’?

According to the developers, Instant Apps is a new Android feature that will let you download and test an app’s important features and components even without installing the whole thing in your storage space. Needless to say, it’s just like you can somehow ‘stream’ the app and test it even without installing it. This feature can be used by letting your Android smartphone download some of the necessary core parts of the app you want to test in your storage. Needless to say, since you now have the power to limit the installation of the whole app itself, it will definitely spare you lots of storage space. In addition to that benefit, you can also have the possibility to try and test apps from the internet up to your heart’s content without filling up your Android smartphone with unnecessary clutter. And to top this all, there’s no doubt that downloads will become much faster.


As for the time of this writing, Google ensures everyone that everything is going to become easy, especially integrating third-party apps to use the Instant Apps feature. It is said that the feature will definitely work starting from Android 4.1 Jellybean and later versions. If that’s the case, this feature can be somewhat tested by at least ninety-six percent of the Android population. As most experts are quick to point out, it’s been a while since a new Android feature became available to every Android user regardless of their OS version.


If this feature is successfully integrated on every available Android smartphone, chances are that every android developer will make a basket of their developed apps, which is available for everyone to test. In order to be more specific, this will make app hunting and testing easier for everyone aside from the fact that people can freely choose whatever app feature they want to use or not.