iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM, Price, Specification – Rumors

Another tip right from Taiwan has stated memory, specifically RAM details for the upcoming iPhone 6S.  The newest variant of the Apple handset will be covering the hottest technology of LPDDR4 which can cover two times of 32Gbps bandwidth. As emphasized, this new technology doubles the power of 32Gbps bandwidth BUT does not allow extra power spending. For battery conscious crowd, this surely is a nice treat!

iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S


As we all know, RAM serves as the short term memory for our devices. At its best performance, we are able to easily and speedily retrieve the information we want.   We can only imagine—at this time yet—how LPDDR4 RAM can bring iPhone 6s or iPhone 7’s performance to another level.


Currently, the latest versions of iPhone handset (which are the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) use a mere 1GB RAM of LPDDR3.  The decision-makers of Apple are reportedly having headaches regarding the rewarding issue of LPDDR4 memory chip.  Suffice to say, with the 35% additional cost for the said chip, they’re just being careful whether it is wise to grant it to 6s or the next flagship which is iPhone 7.


Another factor that affected Apple’s go-signal is Micron-Elpida’s production dilemma.  However, insiders had confirmed that this issue has been straightened out through distribution of chip production.  Hynix is said to win the 50% production share, followed by Samsung holding the 30% and lastly, by Micron with mere 20%.


Aside from this RAM issue, speculations revolving around the newest Force Touch are making buzz around the net.  Though we might be pretty excited about this latest Apple article, it’s still tough work for Apple if they can stuff it to iPhone 6S considering the looming deadline. But then again, we might just be surprised!