iPhone 7c

iPhone 7c – Rumored Specifications, Price and Release Date

Missed the time where iPhones are smaller? If the rumors are true, the new iPhone’s design will be one of those. It’s going to have at least a 4-inch measurement; leaks in China suggested this month. But instead of iPhone 6c, it will bear the name iPhone 7c instead.

iPhone 7c
iPhone 7c


According to the rumors, the said iPhone 7c itself will feature a 4-inch long body, along with an A9 processor and Apple Pay, KGI Securities Analyst Ming-shi Kuo, a reliable Apple ‘leaker’, said. Aside from that, it’s going to feature a metal design and components that will almost compare it to the iPhone 6 series. However, it will resemble a rather upgraded version of iPhone 5s with curved edges. As of date, the rumored sizes would be 4.7 inches, respectively. It will also feature a 2.5D glass front, 1.2MP front and 8MP rear cameras, along with at least two or three colors to choose from.


Kuo also said that consumers should expect the new model to cost between $400 and $500 in the U.S. This is comparatively lower than the starting price of iPhones 6S and Plus, that start at $649 and $749.

This new 4-inch iPhone can potentially help the company when it comes to sales, compared to iPhone 5c sales, which was discontinued last September. This may not generate huge sales but Apple still has many good reasons to launch their product, the first one being the still-existing demand for 4-inch smartphones, he added.


If the rumors are true, the said iPhone’s release date will be around first to second week of September next year.





  • Chipset/ CPU : A9 SoC
  • Camera : Front and Centered Rear FaceTime HD Cameras