iZON Review, Specification, Price, View, Release Date


Conscious about home monitoring even you’re away from home?  IZon Remote Room Monitor (which is actually a camera) is giving you an option like no other, with its flexible angles and remote monitoring system made possible through your iPhone handset device.  iZon sports its new model which we are going to put under scrutiny here.



What are you going to have when you purchase iZon Remote Room Monitor? Package contains base, mounting hardware, AC power supply, 9ft power cable, power adapter and a Quick Start guide. The revamped camera looks almost the same with its cylindrical formed white, glossy plastic body.  In fact it does not adhere to the conventions of your classic camera, but looks more of an accessory blended among your furniture.


Assembling the parts, you can attach the main unit to the base which is just basically magnetic.  This feature enables upholding the camera into various angles. Up front the main unit, it discreetly houses the camera lens which can obtain images of 640 x 480 pixels resolution.  However, monitoring it through your handset device, it only gives off a mere 320 x 240 at 10 FPS.  Just right above the base, you can see a LED light stating its status.  But if you want your cam to look less obvious, just turn it off. Rounding at the back, you can notice the miniUSB port connection for power and a manual reset button which just looks like a small hole.


Quite obviously, iZon’s concept design is actually its strongest point. While it may not be a high definition security cam, this compact monitor just gives the right amount of help for supervising your home.






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