Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3 Price, Release Date, Review

It’s inevitable that Jawbone UP3 will make its way and grace store shelves with its presence by April 20th.  After so much waiting on the part of their avid fans and customers who had their pre-orders months ago, the multi-sensor tracker and wearable can be acquired on the said date.  The delay was due to some re-evaluation of some features which led to the elimination of the 10m water-proofing.


Jawbone UP3
Jawbone UP3


Lucky for those who made their pre-orders for the brand will see to it that they are the first priority in distributing the much anticipated wearable. For perspective consumers, you must know that you will get a multi-sensor setup of a tracker akin to the Microsoft Band. Jawbone UP3 tracks your overall health and fitness through advanced tracking system and functions including the tri-axis accelerometer, ambient temperature and skin sensors and bio-impedance sensors.  The last mentioned sensor analyses biometric data including the resting heart rate which is a great help for the wearers.


Further, features such as sleep tracker had been enhanced to monitor different stages of sleep.  It can specifically tell whether you are in REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep.  Additionally, it also knows differences between various workout activities.


All of these plus the classy exterior can be acquired for just $180 from the official website of Jawbone itself.  For those who can make pre-orders of Jawbone UP3, your wearable will be shipped to you at least until the end of May.