Lenovo A5860

Lenovo A5860 – Specifications and Information

Lenovo just got one of their new models, the Lenovo A5860, certified by TENAA.  We may not that the regulator is the Chinese equivalent of United States’ FCC.  It is rather exciting that the board gave an approval for A5860 considering its promise of great music play for a smartphone.

Lenovo A5860
Lenovo A5860


Yup, you got it right, peeps…it is a music phone.  But while the smartphone’s major details may not spark your interest, you may be eager to know about how Lenovo had gifted this handset with the ability to be dubbed as a music phone.  Housed within the neat framework are huge speakers with sound- enhancing technology in the likes of Dolby Digital plus.  This is still a speculation, however, since the official introduction is yet to be marked on our calendar.  For all we know, it could be as great as its sister, Lenovo RocStar A319.  We could still remember that RocStar A319 had been launched with what is a rather cool perk of having access to at least 10M songs in Guvera Music app library.


Meanwhile specifications show that A5860 sports a mammoth 5.5-inch screen having 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.  Inside the body are great units including the 64-bit QuadcoreMediaTek chipset clocking at 1.3GHz, 8GB internal storage and 1GB of RAM.  If you’re rather unsatisfied with mere 8GB for native storage, no need to get anxious.  It comes with a microSD slot that can accommodate up to 32GB of additional memory.  The MediaTek chipset supports 4G LTE connectivity which is rather updated in today’s handsets.  Performance is further brought into higher level with the latest Android 5.0 with the added benefit of Lenovo’s very own User Interface, the Vibe UI. Rounding at the back you can see the 8MP primary snapper with its front tandem of 2MP selfie camera.


Specifications are decent enough and considering that Lenovo is a Chinese brand, we can expect that A5860 is a right-on-the-budget smartphone.