Lenovo Ideacenter Stick 300

lenovo Windows PC In A Stick – Ideacenter Stick 300

Last time, we heard of ASUS Pen Stick which was introduced during the Computex event.  Without passing this month, the Beijing device maker Lenovo followed pursuit with its Ideacenter Stick 300.  The diminutive bar with the power of a Windows PC is not an altogether new concept.  However, it is still arguable if this piece of innovation can be tagged successful.

Lenovo Ideacenter Stick 300
Lenovo Ideacenter Stick 300


The portable stick itself is encased in 3.94×1.5×0.59-inch dimensions which is a little bit bigger than an average PC stick.  With this piece of device, you can access files, surf the Web and play games by attaching it into a TV or PC monitor.


Moving on, Lenovo’s newly launched stick comes in different offers.  They share the major specs like an intelBaytrail central processing unit, a selection of 2GB RAM max and Windows 8.1 OS.  Expect an upgrade of Windows 10 after its launching by July 29.  You can also select your native storage which can capacitate of up to 32giga-bytes.


Talking about Ideacenter’s wireless connectivity, it is compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/ g/ n and Bluetooth 4.0.  It also has ports for SD card, micro USB 2.0 and HDMI.  Another cool factor is its tiny built-in speaker.


Price starts at $129 and expect the digits to go higher for better specifications.  For the meantime, the release date for the dongle is yet to be announced.  On its launch, it is expected to compete under same category with the likes of Microsoft and and Intel.