Lenovo Smart Cast

Lenovo Smart Cast – Phone with Noteworthy Projector Feature

We can still perfectly remember Samsung Galaxy Beam, a premium phone that has a built-in projector that can aid friends in watching videos.  This time Lenovo brought out its equally impressive ace (we dare say, even a notch higher than Samsung’s feat) that makes use of its built-in laser projector as a caster of virtual keyboard.  Yes, Lenovo nailed a solution to one of the topmost dilemmas of 5-inch or so smartphones—keyboarding.


Smart Cast had been officially announced during Lenovo’s Tech World conference.  The concept of the device maker was quite simple—use the feature to project a full-scale touch screen keyboard (or piano keyboard for gaming) on any surface and make use of that projected image into a virtual hardware.  Other than this virtual keyboard, it can also be used to cast movies and/or games onto a wall or any surface at that matter.

Lenovo Smart Cast
Lenovo Smart Cast


On a video demonstration, the handset was held by a kickstand in order for it to stand independently before adjusting the lens to project the virtual touch screen keyboard on the desk.  Typing then would be in a swift and effortless manner just like typing the keys on the keyboard of your laptop or desktop computer.   Imagine yourself using a flat cardboard to be your keyboard… sounds reminiscent of your childhood days, trying to imitate those cool secretaries on movies, right?


Lenovo still keeps its mum about the specifications, pricing and release of Smart Cast.  But for sure, aficionados eyeing this innovation piece are merely holding their breath before the launch.