Lenovo Smartglasses

Lenovo Smartglasses : Eyewear of the Future

We can still perfectly remember when Lenovo, together with Vuzik, introduced their first smartglasses into the device market last year.  While the concept is something innovative, the plastic box connected to the device and left hanging to the user’s side left us a little bit disconcerted about the design.  Dubbed as Lenovo M100, the smartwear is priced at an equivalent of $1250 which is somewhere near to the digits of Google Glass.


Lenovo Smartglasses
Lenovo Smartglasses


Just yesterday we heard about the successor to the first gen M100.  It was reported to bear a great semblance to Google Glass and not from its elder sibling.  As reported, the new glasses also bear the awkward hanging box and a little bit hefty price tag of 8,000 Yuan or roughly equivalent of $1,200.  Target users are average consumers though realistically, this can put on a smirk on our lips.


As for the design, the smartglasses are built on semi-premium materials such as light aluminum for the frame and plastic just around the hinges.  Lenovo claimed that the eyewear is created to take voice calls, playback videos and aid users ‘to see things in a different way.’  It is also powered by Android but we do not have yet the word about the version and the specifications.


Compared to the Google Glass, Lenovo’s smartglasses will be bulkier and has less software applications.  Battery can stand from 1 to 2 hours of mild usage of voice calls and video playback.