LeTV Ubuntu

LeTV Ubuntu Smartphone

LeTV, one of the leading television manufacturers in China, has broadened their venture by adding smartphones into the list of their product.  It is confirmed by the Ubuntu group that they have powered three (3) pioneering handsets of LeTV.  Further, the Chinese television- maker stated its objective about their new project.  It has promised to bring handset devices which exude beauty, right feel and topnotch high- fidelity sound. The said LeTV smartphones are set to be assembled by Asus.


LeTV Ubuntu
LeTV Ubuntu


For starters, the said three mobile handsets will be offered in three powerful colors—black, white and gold.  They are also going to encompass the three different streams, namely entry-level, mid-range and high-end.  So let’s have a look for what LeTV has to offer.


LeTV S1 has been set in the history to be LeTV’s first entry-level smartphone. The model features a 5.5-inch display that is powered with MediaTek MT6595 chipset with an Octacore processor.  Its casing will be a mixture of metal framework and nice plastic covering.  Though not yet confirmed, but S1 is said to be priced at around USD 160.


The midstreamer, LeTV X1, comes with 5.5-inch glass display commissioned from Sharp which has is 1440×2560 pixels resolution.  Since X1 falls as a mid-ranger, hence it shall be priced somewhere around USD 320.  No need to raise your brow, though for it will have the latest 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset with octacore processor.  Snappers indicate 16MP sensor for the primary and 4MP sensor for the front-facer.  Excitingly, X1 is made up of metal chassis.


LeTV MX1 is the chosen representative for the high-end stream.  It shows off a mammoth 6.5-inch screen and also bears the Snapdragon 810 chipset under the hood.  More impressive yet is the 20.7MP rear snapper commissioned from Sony.   Expect it to be priced starting from USD 481.


Despite the basic specifications and other relative info, LeTV has not set the release date for the three models.  Most probably these three debutantes will be available only for the Chinese market, though we’re not giving up hopes for this.


LeTV Ubuntu
LeTV Ubuntu